Layrite Cement

Layrite Cement

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Layrite Cement grips and binds individual hairs together to thicken and shape. It is a high hold, water-based styling clay that delivers a textured, matte finish that will last all day. The pliable formula allows you to reshape and rework your style throughout the day, yet maintain incredible hold. Ultimate performance Cement will stand up to anything, yet washes out easily and won’t leave build-up behind.

  • Water-Soluble Clay Pomade: Pliable high hold, and matte finish.
  • Ideal for thin hair types requiring thickness and texture.
  • Ideal for short to medium lengths of hair, of fine to medium thickness.
  • Mild spiced vanilla fragrance.
  • Water Soluble.
  • Restylable.
  • Cruelty free / No Animal Testing and Sulfate Free
  • Made in the USA.